Annual General Meeting 2019

This will be held at 8.30 after the Breakfast with 2 Wallaby Legends at Method to the Madness in Kenmore. See the event for more details please.

Voting (if required) is only available to financial members of Brisbane West Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting will comprise

1. Formal election of the following officeholders

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

2. Presentation of the financial reports for year ending June 2019 by Don Collins, Treasurer

3. Presentation of the new Board, Advisory Board members, staff members by the President

4. Manifesto for 2020 by the President

Nominations closed at 5pm, 22nd November 2019  and after consultation with those nominated, names and positions will be posted here  on the week of 25-29th Nov.

Please note that those mentioned below have confirmed their interest.

 Position Nominated  Nominated
 President  Ian Reynolds  
 Vice-President  Nathan Schokker  Shane Long
 Secretary David Whittaker

Mark Stevenson

 Treasurer Don Collins 

For the Advisory Board

  • Russell Dean
  • Andrea Anderson
  • Dan Petrie

Ian Reynolds
Brisbane West Chamber of Commerce

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Ian Reynolds, President

Alison McGrath, Vice-President

Don Collins, Treasurer & Secetary


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